The “Ename Charter Illustrated” Project

This project is inspired by the illustrated version of the Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance (better known as the Burra Charter) and, like the Illustrated Burra Charter, is aimed at providing the international heritage community with practical examples to illustrate the uses and applications of the proposed final text of the Ename Charter, which will be presented for ratification at the upcoming 16th ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec, Canada, as the “ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites.”

The “Ename Charter Illustrated” Project will begin with an initial phase of data collection from the members of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Interpretation and Presentation (ICIP), which is the main sponsor of this initiative. The initial results will be published on the ICIP website ( as a database and made available to the wider public.

A second call for interest will be sent out after the ICOMOS General Assembly in October 2007. This second call will be sent out to all ICOMOS National and International Committees and to other relevant heritage organizations. This second call will use examples collected during the initial phase of the project to explain its methodology and stimulate further interest in the Ename Charter and its practical application to heritage projects worldwide. The data gathered during the second call will also be included in the database available on ICIP website.

How to Contribute to the Project
Contributors to this project will be asked to complete two forms, to enable analysis and inclusion of their submitted information in the Project Database:

The “Ename Charter Illustrated” Questionnaire: In order to evaluate interpretation and presentation techniques used in existing projects, a questionnaire has been formulated to assess the application of each principle included in the Charter. In this way, potential contributors will have an easy way to check the correspondence of their projects to the main themes of the Ename Charter. The submission of information in this form will also be useful in the later processing of the collected data.

The “Ename Charter Illustrated” Data Sheet: This form will enable contributors to provide concise, general information about their site or interpretive project (geographical location, project manager, photographs); a brief description (300 words); a brief analysis of the significance of the project to one or more of the principles of the Ename Charter (as indicated in the completed Questionnaire); and relevant keywords about the site or highlighted project.

The data collected from these forms will eventually be searchable by project type, geographical location, and relevant keywords. The users of the ICIP website users will then have at their disposal a collection of case studies that may of help to guide future interpretation and presentation projects according to the principles of the Ename Charter. It is hoped that the database can also serve as a tool for the evaluation of real-world application of the Charter’s theoretical principles.