Review by the International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation

The need for more formalised ICOMOS institutional sponsorship for the proposed Charter and for further research on the general subject of Interpretation and Presentation, led to the formation of an International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation (ICIP), which was officially approved by the ICOMOS Executive Committee during the 15th General Assembly in Xi’an, China in October 2005. 

In August 2006, the members of ICIP adopted the continuing review and revision of the proposed ICOMOS Charter on the Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Sites as an official activity of the committee.  Following the ICIP officers’ review and revision of the latest pre-ICIP text, a revised version of Draft Four (dated 31-07-06) was circulated to all members of the committee for their comments and suggestions.  The result of this process, together with additional input from members of the ICOMOS Advisory Council meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2006, Draft Five (dated 12 December 2006) was a finalised.

During the winter and spring of 2007, this draft was distributed once more to all ICOMOS National Committees and Scientific for another round of review and recommendations.  Since this will be the fourth round of review and revision that this document has undergone, it is the hope of ICIP that a finalised text can be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee at the Advisory Committee Meeting in   and eventually presented for ratification to the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly meeting in Quebec, Canada, in 2008.