Further Review Cycles and External Input

In the subsequent ICOMOS Advisory and Executive Meeting held in Bergen, Norway in early September 2004, the Advisory Committee, recommended — and in response, the Executive Committee mandated — that Charter Draft Three be circulated to the National Committees once again, to give more amplitude to some committees who felt that they had not been given sufficient time to convene their membership to evaluate the text. This was done through the winter and spring of 2005.

In May 2005 in Charleston South Carolina, USA — during the 8th International Symposium of US/ICOMOS, dedicated to the theme “Heritage Interpretation, Expressing Heritage Sites Values to Foster Conservation, Promote Community Development, and Educate the Public” — the proposed ICOMOS Interpretation Charter, informally known as “The Ename Charter,” was extensively discussed.  The participants at this Symposium formulated the “Charleston Declaration,” supporting the need for such a charter and highlighting issues that might be further developed in future drafts.  As a result of this continuing input, Charter Draft Four (dated 5 July 2005) was produced.