Under the Auspices of ICOMOS

In January 2004, the Executive Committee of ICOMOS agreed that the work of review and revision of the Charter would be undertaken under the auspices of a small editorial group specially appointed by ICOMOS, consisting of: international vice-presidents Gustavo Araoz and Sheridan Burke and international treasurer Giora Solar (appointed by President Michael Petzet), and a team chosen by the Ename Center (Neil Silberman and Jean-Louis Luxen).  The result of their deliberations resulted in a new structure for the charter, replacing the former division into professional themes (Scientific and Professional Guidelines; Planning, Funding, and Management; Tourism Aspects; and Heritage Education) into more general interpretive concerns (Access; Information Sources; Context and Setting; Authenticity; Sustainability; Inclusiveness; and Research, Education, and Training).

Draft Two of the Charter (dated 20 February 2004) was subsequently reviewed during April-June 2004) by all the ICOMOS International Scientific Committees and small group of experts. At the conclusion of this review cycle, a revised version of Draft Two (dated 24 June 2004) was distributed to all national committees of ICOMOS.  The comments and suggestions received from the National Committees, individual scholars and experts, and the Executive Committee of ICOMOS led to the formulation of Draft Three (dated 23 August 2004) by the editorial committee.