Ename Charter Secretariat

In the autumn of 2008 the General Assembly of ICOMOS ratified the Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Quebec (Canada). As a result, a permanent Ename Charter Secretariat was established.

The purpose of this secretariat is to develop activities linked to this ratified document, which offers guidelines for the public interpretation and the sustainable presentation of heritage sites.

Ename Charter Ratified

It is my great pleasure to report that the ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (known across the world as the "Ename Charter") has been officially ratified by the 16th General Assembly of ICOMOS.

It now takes its place as only the 11th official charter adopted by that international organization since its establishment in 1965.

This is the culmination of almost seven years of hard work and dedication to the ideal of open and inclusive heritage interpretation, carried out in the face of serious obstacles and, at least initially, considerable opposition.

Neil Silberman

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The 'Ename Charter Illustrated' Project

This project is inspired by the illustrated version of the Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance (better known as the Burra Charter) and, like the Illustrated Burra Charter, is aimed at providing the international heritage community with practical examples to illustrate the uses and applications of the proposed final text of the Ename Charter, which will be presented for ratification at the upcoming 16th ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec, Canada, as the ?ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites.?

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Charter Endorsed in South Africa

At the 2007 ICOMOS International Advisory Committee meeting, held this year in Pretoria, South-Africa, 8 - 13 October, the proposed final version of the ICOMOS Charter on the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Sites was recommended for presentation and ratification at the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec next year. At Pretoria, the text of the proposed Charter was officially endorsed by the ICOMOS Scientific Council (composed of its 22 International Scientific Committees), by its Advisory Committee (composed of representatives of the International Scientific Committees and of the 110 National Committees), as well as by the ICOMOS International Executive Committee. Official presentation of the Charter for international ratification will take place at the next ICOMOS General Assembly, in September 2008 in Quebec, Canada.

Update: Latest version of the Charter online